Feline and Human Reunited After 18 Months

Our humans become sad when they think they have lost their felines. A human in Bailey, North Carolina, suffered from this for almost 18 months. She came back from vacation, and could not find her feline named Pancake.

Pancake’s human said, “I looked all over the house. I looked under the furniture. I looked under the house. I looked outside. I couldn’t find her anywhere.”

Pancake Found Her Human After Nearly 18 Months

Pancake’s human feared the worst, because another feline in the area had been killed by a coyote.

But then, Pancake’s human looked at the Facebook page of Purffect Hearts Cat Rescue and saw a feline who looked like Pancake. They contacted Purrfect Hearts to see if they could meet the feline they thought was Pancake.

At the reunion, Pancake’s human knew instantly she found her cat. Pancake happily greeted her. But Pancake wasn’t coming home alone. She had given birth to three kittens.

Pancake’s human took the kittens, too, and named them Carrot, Penguin, and Storm. While they can’t stay with their mother and her human, they already have humans who will adopt her.

Next for Pancake? She will get fixed, so she cannot have any more kittens. I hope she will live a long and happy life inside with her human.

Monument City Brewing Company Gets Their Cat Back

Furiends, on Wednesday, I told you about how Willow, a feline who lived at Monument City Brewing Company, was taken by humans who thought he needed a home. The humans at the brewery did not think they were trying to hurt Willow, who is known as Will for short. Instead, they thought the humans who took him saw a friendly cat outside and wanted to give him a home.

Monument City’s humans missed Will, and they put out a call on their Facebook page to get him back. Local media shared the story, and the story spread far and wide. And fortunately for Will, it worked.

According to one of the humans at Monument City, three people who didn’t know about Will took him home. They didn’t know he was living at the brewery as a working cat. And they thought they would give him a good home.

Wil; Being a Greeter at Monument City Brewing Company

“They treated [Will] really well” when he was away, said this human. And the interaction when they brought Will back was “nothing but positive.”

In order to celebrate Will’s return, Monument City is going to throw a party today. Or since it is because of a feline, maybe we should call it a pawty?

Feline Reunited With Humans After 10 Years

When we felines go missing, if we are not found quickly, it is likely we will never be found. A human now living in Colorado lost their feline 10 years ago, when they were living in California near where the wildfires recently destroyed lots of homes. They thought coyotes or other predators had taken their indoor outdoor cat. Furiends, this is a reminder about why felines do best inside!

Humans searching for missing felines found a feline in the rubble. The poor feline suffered serious burns but survived, and the kind humans took him to the humans in white coats. The white coated humans treated the feline and checked for a chip. When they did, they called the human listed in the records.

That is when the human in Colorado learned their feline, named Pilot, had survived all those years. Pilot suffered serious injuries in the fires. To recover, he needed two surgeries, including one where he lost five toes. But he endured this, and then traveled to Colorado to be reunited with his humans after ten years.

Jenn Thompson pets Pilot on Thursday afternoon in her Longmont home. Pilot went missing 10 years ago in California, but was found during October’s
Pilot Found His Humans After 10 Years

As soon as Pilot arrived, he went to one of the small humans in the home and immediately cuddled with them. And he did not lose any of his quirks despite being away for so long. He likes to hop into his water dish and stand in it. I do not know why he does this. Sometimes Jacey, Koji, and I swat the water in our dish to make it move before we drink it. But we do not stand in it!

Pilot lost his humans when he was a young feline. Now, he is an old feline. He is very stoic, which should not be a surprise after so many years out on his own. But he still loves his humans as well as other humans. I am glad he gets to spend the rest of his days inside with the humans he loves!