Feline Wanders Into Gym And Stays

The human tells me that you humans will go to places to exercise. I do not know why you need to do this. Jacey, Koji and I get all the exercise we need just by chasing each other around and jumping on things. If you have felines in your home, you know that sometimes, we do this in the middle of the night and annoy your humans.

One feline decided to investigate a place where humans go to exercise. He walked right into the gym while humans were exercising, and the humans there loved it. This feline, who has been named LB, decided he would stay, which was just fine with the humans running the gym.

LB Observing Exercising Humans
LB Observing and Judging Exercising Humans

LB decided that he would observe the humans and silently judge them while they worked out. You know we felines are very good at that!

The humans give LB pets and show him lots of love when they take breaks from exercising. And LB helps them, too. The humans exercising there say that LB gives them a little extra motivation to come in to work out and to stay consistent.

Sometimes, LB will demand pets from all the humans in the gym and they love to give him those pets. Other times, he will watch one or two humans exercise, and then wander off to get some exercise of his own. And LB does things for the humans besides just helping them stick with their exercise program.

You see, the gym LB decided to make his home has a mouse problem. Well, LB helps with that. He will go and catch mice, and he scares many of the mice he does not catch away.

Furiends, I am very happy this feline wandered in to this gym. And I am very sure that the humans who exercise there are, too! The mice he catches, however, are not. But while they do not like it, everyone else does!

Cats Saves Humans From Carbon Monoxide

Bob Saved His Humans from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

It is obvious that whenever a human takes a feline home, there is one life that is going to change. The cat, especially if it comes from a cat rescue organization, now has a chance to live a good life. And we felines will show our gratitude for this by being loving companions for our humans.

Usually, though, the feline in the home does not save the human’s life. But sometimes, that is exactly what happens. Bob, who lives with his humans in Cleveland, saved them from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Bob Saved His Humans from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Bob Saved His Humans from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Bob is a seven year old feline who was adopted four years ago. His humans shower him with love, and Bob kind of returns this. Oh, sure, he likes being pet and shows affection to his humans. But he also lets them know very clearly his preferences. If they do not listen to him, he complains until they do.

Unlike me, Bob does not wait until the talking box starts speaking. He knows when his humans are supposed to get up, and he will annoy them until they wake up.

One Saturday, Bob’s humans were sleeping. He kept meowing and trying to wake them up. They told him, relax, Bob. It’s Saturday. We don’t have to get up. But Bob persisted.

Finally, he gave one of his humans a swat. That human went to feed Bob, figuring that would get Bob to be quiet. But when Bob got his noms, he did not devour them like he normally does.

Instead, Bob went to the garage, meowed loudly, and pawed at the door. That is when the humans realized that Bob was trying to warn them that their car was running. They had installed an remote start system earlier that day, and it malfunctioned.

The car had started on its own and was producing lots of carbon monoxide, which was getting into the house. If Bob had not woken up his humans, they may not have made it through the night alive.

This is not the first time I have shared a story with you about felines saving their humans from carbon monoxide poisoning. You see, sometimes, we felines are literally lifesavers for you humans!

Bear and Cat Become Best Friends

A Bear and a Feline Became Unlikely Friends

We felines are very good predators, but we are small animals. That means that when we go up against a large animal like a bear, we typically will become a meal unless we are able to escape. But there is one bear who decided that they would not nom on a feline who wandered nearby. Instead, they befriended the cat and the two are now inseparable.

Mauschen is an 800 pound Asiatic bear. You humans are much bigger than us felines, but even you are defenseless against a large bear like that. In the zoo where Mauschen lives, humans are kept a safe distance away from her because of this.

But that did not stop one black cat from decided that Mauschen could be trusted. This feline, who has been named Muschi, decided to wander into the bear’s enclosure.

A Bear and a Feline Became Unlikely Friends
A Bear and a Feline Became Unlikely Friends

Zookeepers were stunned when instead of following her┬ápredatory instincts, Mauschen decided that she had found a new friend. Soon, the two became inseparable and spent all day with each other. They decided they liked each other’s company, and enjoyed being with each other.

When the zookeepers expanded Mauschen’s enclosure to give her more room to roam and to play, Mauschen was moved to a temporary space. Muschi was so upset by this that she would sit in front of Mauschen’s temporary space and cry because she could not get near her friend.

Mauschen Grooming Muschi
Mauschen Grooming Muschi

After the expansion was complete, the two friends were reunited and they greeted each other with hugs and lots of love. I am not sure I would like to be the recipient of a bear hug, but Muschi certainly was.

Nobody knows where Muschi came from or why Mauschen decided to befriend her instead of giving in to her predatory instincts, but seeing these two unlikely friends makes me very happy. I hope it makes you happy, too!