Milk Is Bad for Felines

Furiends, today, I must talk to you about something many humans think is good for us felines but which is not. It is milk. Milk is not good for felines.

You see, we felines are like many of you humans. We are lactose intolerant. We do not have the enzymes needed to digest the lactose in cow’s milk. What that means is that we can end up with stomach cramps and diarrhea when we drink it.

This Feline May Have an Upset Stomach Later
This Feline May Have an Upset Stomach Later

One of the reasons why humans think felines love milk is because we love to eat cream. Back when many of you humans lived on farms and had felines who lived with cows, we would drink up the cream. But even when we did this, we would have to deal with an upset stomach afterwards. Since we mostly lived outside back then, most humans did not see this.

For tiny felines, it is different. You see, tiny felines have to get milk from their mothers to survive. And their small bodies produce the enzyme that helps them digest milk. But like with humans, once they reach an age where they can be weaned, many of them stop making the enzyme.

Even for tiny felines, though, cow’s milk is not the best choice. Their own mother’s milk is. And if they cannot get their mother’s milk, then it is better for them to get kitten formula. This better matches the milk their mothers would give them.

So, furiends, do not believe all the pictures of happy felines drinking milk. We may drink it, and we may even look like we are enjoying it. But if you go to the litter box later, you will see and smell evidence that it is not good for us.

I hope this makes you more aware of why you should not give milk to us felines.

An Interesting Night in The House

Non-Recognition Is A Form of Cat Behavior That is Not Well Understood

Good morning, kind humans. It was an interesting night in our home last night. You see, the human brought Jacey home. He thought everything would be fine between me and Jacey. After all, we lived together for six years! The human worried about Koji’s reaction, but I was the one who caused problems.

Non-Recognition Is A Form of Cat Behavior That is Not Well Understood
Non-Recognition Is Cat Behavior That is Not Well Understood

I displayed a form of cat behavior known as non-recognition aggression. Felines displaying this cat behavior show aggression towards other felines they have known for a long time, like the six years Jacey and I have known each other.

The white coated humans do not know why this occurs. They speculate that there are two reasons why this might happen. First, it could be because the returning feline acts differently than they did before they left. This may be due to medication or sedation, and it applies to when felines visit the humans in white coats.

Sometimes, the smell of humans the remaining feline does not know triggers this cat behavior. This definitely happened with Jacey. She is such a sweet cat that many humans want to interact with her, so she picks up their smells.

When this occurs, it is important to slowly reintroduce the felines, and that is exactly what the human is doing. He is letting Jacey stay in the bathroom. And when he cannot make sure that Koji and I leave her alone, he closes the bathroom door so that she is safe.

I displayed another form of interesting cat behavior yesterday, redirected aggression. I did not target Jacey when I was angry. Instead, I went after the human. The human was very surprised, and had to let me swat his hockey stick instead of him. He did not like it at all, and did not get much sleep last night.

The treatment for this is the same as for non-recognition aggression. And by keeping Jacey in the bathroom, the human hopes to solve the problem.

Hopefully, my explanation of these aggressive cat behaviors will help you prevent them.

Feline Saves Human From Fire

Feline Saved from Fire After Waking Up Humans

In exchange for the noms and care you humans give us, we felines give you many things. We love to shower our humans with affection, and you humans enjoy this. Sometimes, our actions can save your lives, though. And that is what happened with a feline in Clairmont, Alberta.

The humans in the home were sleeping, when this feline noticed there was a fire in the home. To let the humans know that there was something wrong, this feline went over to the mother and bit her on the arm. When the human woke up, they smelled the smoke and were able to get everyone out.

The humans called firefighters, who were able to rescue the second feline in the home. The feline who needed to be saved got scared in all of the confusion. Firefighters searched for this cat and brought it to safety.

Feline Saved from Fire After Waking Up Humans
Feline Saved from Fire After Waking Up Humans

One of the firefighters said the family “was pretty happy with their cat. The cat work them up with enough time. If they hadn’t been notified, it could have definitely been a different result.”

Firefighters were able to put the fire out, and everyone in the home is safe. All of the residents — both human and feline — found temporary housing. They will stay there until the cause of the fire is determined and repairs are completed.

I am very happy to hear that one of my felines was a hero who saved this family’s life. Some humans will say that the feline was only trying to preserve its noms supplier and didn’t want to lose one of its nine lives. But that is not true. We felines love the humans we live with and do not want to see them hurt.

You will not be able to convince the family of this hero cat otherwise!