Chip and Adele Are Bonded Pair

The Bonded Pair of Chip and Adele

It is not unusual for felines to become bonded with one another. At the human’s venture, The Cat Cafe, a bonded pair of felines was recently adopted. In order to test for whether a pair is bonded, they will be separated for a day or two. Bonded pairs, when they are separated, do not consume noms and get very unhappy.

When a pair of felines is bonded, they need to be adopted together. That is not all too unusual but what happens when a feline and canine form a bonded pair? This, my furiends, is what happened with Chip and Adele.

These two met at Operation Kindness, in Dallas, Texas. Chip, who is the canine, was surrendered when he was just five weeks old because his humans could not properly care for a puppy so young. Adele was even luckier to find her way to Operation Kindness. She was found wandering alone without her mother at four weeks.

The Bonded Pair of Chip and Adele
The Bonded Pair of Chip and Adele

Because these two were so young, the rescue group decided to pair them together. It did not take very long for these two to become a tightly bonded pair.

Adele is much more active than Chip is, and she loves to climb and run around. But she does not spend very much time away from her canine furiend. Chip is a laid back canine, and he allows Adele to climb all over him.

They do just about everything together, although I hope that Adele does not start to pick up the canine habit of going for walks. I also hope that Chip does not attempt to use the litter box because he will make a mess, my furiends!

This Bonded Pair is Inseperable
This Bonded Pair is Inseperable

When these two are old enough, they will be adopted together, as all bonded pairs should be. I am happy to share the story of this very unusual bonded pair and hope it put a smile on your face!

A Dying Human’s Canine Needs a New Home

Kind humans, I hope you enjoyed my post yesterday about the conversation Jacey, Marley, and I had with our human about The Cat Cafe.  As you will remember, one of the reasons why he is seeking to crowd fund this venture is because he hopes to help with animal adoptions, finding homes for cats who need them.  I hope to soon be able to share with you many happy animal adoption stories that come about due to The Cat Cafe.

Today I must share with you a very sad story that requires a human to complete an animal adoption.  There is a human who is dying, and she is desperately seeking a home for her canine companion.

Sherlock is a five year old pit bull mix, and he is on the verge of losing the most important thing in his life — his loving human.  Sherlock’s human is in the final stages of cancer, and it will soon take her life.  In order to give her some peace as she prepares to leave us, she wants to find Sherlock a home.

Sherlock's Animal Adoption Case is Very UrgentSherlock’s human is preparing to go into hospice care to live out her last days in as much peace as she can.  When he enters hospice care, she will have to part with Sherlock, who has been her rock through all of the difficult and painful treatments that cancer patients must endure.

This kind human cares about doing one last thing before she leaves us, and that is finding Sherlock, who she loves dearly, a home.  She does not want to risk him going to a shelter, where it is likely he will not have much time.  Imagine what will happen to poor Sherlock, as he loses his human, and then spends what will be his final days in a cage where he does not know anyone and where he will not receive the love he deserves.

Sherlock, who is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, has received basic obedience training and is housebroken.  He loves adult humans, but has never been around smaller humans.  And he would do best in a home with no other canines or felines.

Please share Sherlock’s story so that we can help a dying woman have some peace.  If you can help, please contact Jess and let her know.

Happy Story of Dog Saving Feline Friend

Normally, the cat rescue stories I share with you are ones where humans do something very nice for my fellow felines.  I have shared too many of those stories to remember.  They are good reminders that while there are evil human who will abuse animals like me, there are far more humans who want to help us.

Two Happy Cat Rescue Stories Feature StewartToday, though, I want to show that even though I hissed at a canine when I went to the humans in white coats, dogs and cats can get along just fine.  A canine is the reason for this cat rescue story.  A black and white cat names Stewart owes his life to his canine furiend Toby.

Where I live, most humans do not let felines like me outside.  Stewart lives in England, and things are different there.   Many humans allow their cats to roam outside.  That sadly led to Stewart being hit by a car.

His humans did not know this, but Toby alerted them to what had happened to Stewart.  Toby went over to a bush, and started barking.  He kept barking and giving the bush meaningful looks until the humans who Stewart and Toby live with came over to see what he was barking about.

When the humans got there they discovered a scared and injured Stewart.  The poor feline had been hit by a car and yet managed to drag himself from the road back home, where he went hiding under the bush. Stewart's Friend Toby Helped Write a Happy Cat Rescue Story

“Stewart and Toby are the best of pals, ” said one of the humans who they live with.  “We were starting to worry when we hadn’t seen Stewart for a day but we weren’t too concerned.  But Toby knew something was wrong.”

This is not the first time Stewart has been the subject of a happy cat rescue story.  One of the humans he lives with works at the place where humans wear white coats.  She adopted him after he was found in the trash, with plastic lodged in his throat.

Stewart is recovering, and Toby will not leave his side.  This pair has bonded very strongly to each other, and Toby is very happy to have his friend back.