Cat Rescues Aren’t Always Happy

Michigan Cat Rescue Tried to Save Duncan

I like to share happy stories with you, but sometimes, when it comes to a cat rescue, the story is not a happy one. I still think some of these stories should be shared so that you see the efforts that many kind humans make to save my fellow felines.

Michigan Cat Rescue Does So Much Good For My Fellow Felines
Michigan Cat Rescue

Michigan Cat Rescue is a cat rescue group that does amazing work. They have saved many of my fellow felines and they work very hard to find furever homes for cats that need them. And that is what they were looking to do when they took in Duncan and four of his siblings.

These five kittens were found hiding under a bush. They were rain soaked and muddy, and their mother was nowhere to be found. Because they were not living in safe conditions,  Michigan Cat Rescue took them in. These kittens received treatment and noms, and it was looking good for them.

But then one of them, a little black cat named Duncan, started to have problems breathing. The humans at Michigan Cat Rescue knew he needed to be treated and they took him to the humans in white coats.

Michigan Cat Rescue Tried to Save Duncan
Michigan Cat Rescue Worked Very Hard To Save Duncan

The humans in white coats suspected that Duncan had pneumonia. That is not a surprise since he got very wet in the rain and was probably cold, too. They put this tiny feline in an oxygen tank and gave him medication.

Sadly, the infection was too much for Duncan’s little body to fight off and he left us despite the best efforts of the humans in white coats.

Michigan Cat Rescue tried very hard to save Duncan. Fortunately, while he is gone, he has four siblings who will be cared for until they find furever homes.

I know that you are not surprised to hear that the humans in white coats are asking for many green paper things in order to pay for Duncan’s treatment. Can we help them like they help so many of my fellow felines?

If you would like to help, please contribute to help pay for Duncan’s expenses and for the costs of taking care of his siblings until they are adopted. And if you cannot contribute, please share Duncan’s story.

Duncan is in a happier place. He will see you being generous and meow happily.