Heroic Cat Trigger Saves Her Human’s Life

I often share stories with you of human heroes, who help protect us felines.  But sometimes, it is the other way around.  Today I want to share with you the story of a true cat hero.  Her name is Trigger, and she is a senior mixed breed with a lot of Russian blue in her.

Hero Cat Trigger Saved her Human's LifeTrigger’s 75 year old human was in the kitchen, making herself breakfast.  It was an ordinary day, until this human dropped the butter knife and went to bend over to pick it up.  She was unable to stand back up after picking up the butter knife, and used the sink to pull herself up.

Then she “tried to take a step” but she was unable to move her feet.  She tried calling to her adult daughter, who lives with her, but she was unable to make her voice loud enough.

We felines know when you humans are not doing well.  My human had surgery at different times on both of his shoulders.  I knew he was in pain and went to comfort him both times.

This is why our cat hero Trigger was looking up at her human with a concerned look.  She knew something was wrong.  Trigger meowed at her human, who said “momma needs help.”

Trigger meowed to acknowledge her human, and then went down the hall, meowing all the way.  Her insistent meows woke up her human’s adult daughter, who came running to help her mother.

Hero Cat Trigger with the Human Whose Life She SavedTrigger’s human was taken to the place where humans in white coats treat other humans,  Here, she received medication to help dissolve the clots that cause most strokes.  And after around two weeks, Trigger’s human was healthy enough to return home.

But none of this would have been possible if our hero cat Trigger didn’t realize that something was wrong with her human.  And then she got help.

That is one heroic cat, my furiends!

Diabetic Cats and Low Blood Sugar

I got a question from a human about what happens if a diabetic cat like me gets too much insulin and our blood sugar levels get too low.  She is wondering if it is like what happens with a human diabetic, where they will drink a sugary drink to boost their blood sugar to a safe level.  Just like with us diabetic cats, often, a high or low blood sugar level doesn’t show any signs.  Instead, a test reveals the condition.

What a diabetic cat suffering from hypoglycemia can look likeThis is a very good question, and remember, while I am happy to answer questions, always check with the humans in white coats.  It is likely they will tell you the same thing, but they know more about the specifics you are dealing with than I do.

When a diabetic cat, or human, has a blood sugar level that drops too low due to getting too much insulin, we enter a condition called hypoglycemia, or insulin shock.  This is a life threatening condition.  It is said that a high blood sugar level will kill slowly, but a low one will kill quickly.  Low blood sugar levels must be treated immediately.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia include:

  • Lethargy
  • Confusion and dizziness
  • Trembling
  • Loss of balance
  • Loss of excretory control
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Sleepiness or unresponsiveness

Use these to treat diabetic cats who have entered hypoglycemiaIf you suspect that your diabetic cat is suffering from a hypoglycemic incident, you may not want to even wait to confirm it by taking a blood sugar reading.  Remember, in this situation, the body does not have enough fuel to keep it running, and seconds count!  It is far better to address a potential hypoglycemic incident and elevate the blood sugar level than to test first to confirm and allow potential damage to be done.This is how you treat a diabetic cat who has entered insulin shock

When dealing with a suspected hypoglycemic incident, corn syrup or honey should be rubbed on the gums, which will allow the sugar to enter the blood stream.  A trip to the humans in white coats is also required, and during the trip, this treatment must continue.

The best thing to do with hypoglycemia is to avoid triggering it.  Careful regulation of the insulin doses a diabetic cat like me gets is the best way to prevent it.

I hope this makes this part of what we diabetic cats deal with a little more clear.