Kind Humans Help Outdoor Felines

It started with a simple request from a kind human who lives in Albuquerque. They asked for styrofoam coolers that many food items are shipped in. And they quickly received many of them. “The response was incredible,” said this kind human.

What would a human want do do with so many foam coolers? They used them to make shelters for outdoor felines and other animals.

Two Kind Humans With the Shelters They Built for Animals

“I feel so sorry for all the animals out there. It’s been so cold,” said this human.

Making the shelters takes about an hour of work. First, the coolers get cut into parts than can be used for the shelter. Then, the human and their small human glues them together. After that, the frame of the shelter gets covered with heavy duty plastic bags. And finally, the house gets stuff with straw or hay.

All of the shelters are being used to help animals in the community stay warm. And they also keep waste from going into the landfill.

I am glad this kind human is helping so many felines and other animals and doing good for the environment.

Feral Felines Help Humans Address Mouse Problems

Furiends, the best place for most of us felines is inside, where we are protected from the elements and all of the other risks of being outside. These things range from predators to cars to poisons to evil humans who abuse us.

But some felines do not do well in a home. And for those felines, a trap neuter return program works well. Sometimes, though, these felines will have no place to return to. For example, a vacant lot may be developed, and the felines cannot live there any more.

For these felines, kind humans with the NYC Feral Cat Initiative work to relocate them to places where they are welcomed. And these kind humans make sure they find the right places for these feral felines.

It’s treated as a real adoption,” said one of the humans with the program. “We’re not just giving away feral cats to people who may not feed them,” they added.

One smart human who lives by the railroad tracks in New York turns to this program to help control mice.  “I tell the neighbors how important they are. They don’t need any poison or mouse traps in the house,” he said.

And this kind human also treats the feral felines who help him just like he would a feline living in his home. In addition to giving them noms, he will talk to them, and lets them sleep inside the garage on a heating pad. These felines clearly like him, because sometimes they give him gifts of dead mice.

And when these felines leave him, he says, “it’s like a family member almost.”

Feline Who Lived for 11 Years Outdoors Finds Home

Felines who live outside have a tough and often short life. We felines who spend our time inside live an average of 15 years. Those who live outside average around five. Outdoor felines are at risk from predators, cars, poisons used to kill other animals, and evil humans. It is a tough life, furiends.

Teddy survived for 11 years on the street, but he got very sick. Because he got sick, kind humans took him to the white coated humans. When he got there, everyone feared the worst. They were sure Teddy would end up leaving us.

Teddy was suffering from a very advanced case of plasma cell pododermatitis. It caused his paws to be very sore, and Teddy could not get around very well because of this. The white coated humans gave him medicine, and one human agreed to take this battle scarred outdoor cat home to treat him.

The first few days for Teddy were rough. Even though he was sick, he did not want to take his medicines and fought his human every time. After about a week, though, he stopped fighting so much and started to get better. The white coated humans were amazed with his progress.

Teddy started to gain weight, and he also started to trust his humans. He started to wander outside of the room set aside for him. And he discovered a bed which he liked. He even started to enjoy getting pets and chin scratches!

Former Feral Cat Teddy Is Now Thriving Inside
Former Feral Cat Teddy Is Now Thriving Inside

It took a long time before Teddy gained enough confidence and trust to start to explore the entire house. But eventually, he did. And now, he likes to hop onto the bed where his humans sleep. Teddy is very grateful to these humans for what they did to help him, and he loves spending time with them.

Kind humans gave an old feral cat a chance, even though he was close to death. He survived and now he will enjoy the rest of his life with humans he loves.