Firefighters Save Cat Trapped Under Car Seat

Firefighters sometimes helps felines stuck in trees. And they will also help canines and felines stuck in hot cars. But it is unusual for them to help a feline stuck under a car seat.

That is what happened in Brockton, Massachusetts recently. A woman called the Animal Control Department to let them know her feline had managed to get wedged under the seat of her car. Now, furiends, this is a reminder of why it is a good idea to put us felines in carriers when we are being moved. You do not know if we will get startled and go hiding in a place where we get stuck.

This Poor Feline Was Trapped and Needed Help From Firefighters

Animal Control responded, and sent an officer to help. But the officer was not able to help free the feline. So the fire department came to help. When they looked at how the cat had managed to get trapped, they were surprised. It would have taken the feline a lot of work to get stuck that way.

And it took a lot of work to help the feline get free. But eventually, the firefighters were able to create enough room to free the feline. The feline’s human thanked them, and then everyone went on their way.

Hopefully, the next time that human takes their feline somewhere, they put them in a carrier!

Firefighters Save Feline Stuck in Pole

Fire departments used to be the first place to call if a feline is stuck, but a lot of them no longer routinely respond to these calls. Now, they generally respond only if the situation requires it. And one trapped feline in Edison, New Jersey is very glad they did.

Workers at an electric company heard very loud calls from a feline who needed help. They looked for the source of the calls, and found a trapped feline in a 20 foot pole. The poor cat got stuck in a section of the pole which was too narrow to escape from.

This Feline Is Stuck in a Pipe
This Feline Is Stuck in a Pipe

The workers called the fire department, and when they arrived with their special equipment, they started working to free the feline. Firefighters cut the pole down to a two foot section where the feline was trapped. Then they tried to free the feline by using soapy water. When that didn’t work, they tried an oily mixture. This failed, too.

The firefighters had to think about what to do next. They decided to take the pole with the feline inside it to the animal shelter. After they did this, white coated humans sedated the feline. And then, they were able to free the feline from the pole.

White coated humans examined the feline, and found the cat was healthy. They decided to observe the feline overnight. If everything is okay, they will put the feline up for adoption.

This feline will not have to wait long to be adopted, though. One of the firefighters already offered to adopt the cat.

Human Helping Feline Needs Help Himself

Furiends, Jacey, Koji and I do not want to laugh at you humans too much. We especially do not want to laugh at humans who do things to help us felines. But sometimes, we cannot help it.

What else can we do when we hear about a human who went to help a feline stuck in a tree who got stuck in that tree himself?

Firefighters Rescued This Feline

That happened in Norfolk, Virginia. A human saw a feline stuck in a tree. He decided to help the feline, and climbed the tree, which was located in a park. This human started off okay, because he took a ladder to the tree. But then, he decided to climb the tree past the ladder. And he soon found out that he could not get back down!

The fire department responded to a call about a human and a feline stuck in a tree. They showed up, and worked for about 30 minutes to get the human back down. After that, since they were on the scene, they decided they would help the feline, too.

“Since [firefighters] had the gear already deployed, they tried to see if they could rescue the cat,” said one of the humans at the fire department. They reminded people “this is not something we normally do.”

Firefighters used a ladder truck, and coaxed the feline off the tree. Then they carefully lowered the feline down to an anxiously waiting human. Soon, everyone involved in the rescue — humans and felines — were happy.

Jacey, Koji and I are laughing at the human who found himself trapped in the tree. We can do that because everyone is safe. But remember, furiends, it is important to think about your own safety when you go to help a feline. Hopfully, the feline will stay inside now. That will definitely keep them from getting stuck in a tree!