Firefighters Rescue Cat From House Fire

It is a horrible thing when humans lose their houses due to fires. Sometimes, these incidents are even more tragic because humans and their four legged family members die in the fire. One feline near me is very lucky, because they escaped a fire that did severe damage to a home.

Firefighters Saved a Feline from This Burning Home
Firefighters Saved a Feline from This Burning Home

At around 6:40 PM yesterday, firefighters responded to a call in the University City neighborhood in San Diego. They saw a house engulfed in flames. Neighbors said the flames were so extensive they could feel the heat in their yard.

Fortunately, the human at the home and their canine had managed to escape. But their feline was still stuck in the home.

The fire started because of an electrical issue in the garage. Firefighters put out the fire by attacking it from the ground floor, second floor, and roof. After they had things under control, they cut a hole in the roof. They did this “to let heat out of the structure so they can conduct a more accurate search of the building,” a human with the fire department said.

During the search of the home, firefighters heard a meow behind a closed door. It was the resident cat, Lilith. “We brought that cat out and gave them to the homeowner, so they have their cat,” said the human with the fire department.

The fire caused extensive damage to the home, but the human who was there when it hit is in good spirits. They are obviously sad about the fire damage, but they are happy that they have their feline and canine family members with them.

Firefighters said they were able to save the feline because the doors in the home were closed. That slowed the spread of the fire, and bought them extra time to fight the fire. Then they were able to complete their secondary search and rescue the feline.


Four Cats Saved from Fire

The human tells me that fires can be very bad things. He told me that where we used to live, there was once a fire that required him to put my departed furiend Pepe as well as another feline into cages so that he could take them to a safe place. Fortunately, the damage was not bad, but it was tough for a few days.

A bad fire in Meriden, Connecticut put the lives of many felines at risk. More than 20 humans were displaced because of the fire, and nobody thought that any animals who did not escape initially would have made it through alive because of the intensity of the fire.

But firefighters got a call from one of the humans with a feline in the apartment complex, telling them that his feline Whisper was alive and sitting on the balcony. That is when the firefighters decided that after rescuing and saving the humans, they would carry out a cat rescue, too.

Firefighters Saving Cat
Firefighters Saving Cat

Firefighters thought this cat rescue would be easy, but Whisper had other plans. He ran inside the building, because he did not know the firefighter and was scared after seeing the building burn down. Other firefighters entered to help retrieve Whisper, and realized that this cat rescue would go on for a while since there were many cats to bring to safety.

The building was in bad shape, but we felines are resilient. Several cats went to live in one of the apartments that was less damaged, and there were many hiding spaces there.

Cat Rescued From Fire Being Reunited with Human
Cat Rescued From Fire Being Reunited with Human

In all, four cats were pulled from the building. Firefighters said that there is at least one more cat in the building and they will be returning to the building to complete the cat rescue.

I am very happy that Whisper and the other cats will be reunited with their humans. I cannot imagine how horrible it would be to lose everything in a fire, including your beloved felines!

Memow’s Survival a Miracle

Memow's Cat Rescue is Inspiring

I have shared many incredible stories of felines fighting off very difficult challenges to thrive. Whether it is because of animal abuse, like Lucky, or for an unknown reason, like Lincoln, or because they were born with challenges, like Anakin, it does not matter. I always enjoy sharing those stories.

Memow's Cat Rescue is Inspiring
Memow’s Cat Rescue is Inspiring

Today I will share with you the story of Memow. This poor feline was the victim of a horrible fire in an RV. The fire completely destroyed the RV. Memow was scared, and ran out of the fire. When one of his humans tried to help him, he was so scared that he ran away.

Later, poor Memow was found being attacked by crows, and a kind human called a veterinary clinic. This is where Memow’s cat rescue begins. One of the humans in white coats rushed to the scene, and helped save Memow. The poor cat was unable to defend himself because of severe burns to his face, which caused his eyes to swell shut.

Memow was taken to Ballard Animal Hospital, and the humans in white coats realized that his cat rescue was going to be a challenging one. In addition to the burns on his face, Memow suffered severe burns to his tongue and paw pads.

Further complicating Memow’s cat rescue was the financial state of his humans, who had lost everything in the fire. They simply did not have enough green paper things to cover the very expensive and extensive treatment Memow’s cat rescue would require.

Memow Being Treated at Ballard Animal Hospital
Memow Being Treated at Ballard Animal Hospital

And that is where the wonderful feline loving humans across the internet came to help. One of the employees of the clinic turned to GoFundMe, looking for help. “He’s been through a traumatic experience but he’s docile and loving. We have all fallen for him,” wrote this human on Memow’s page.

Humans who also fell for Memow helped raise more than double the amount of money requested in two days.

Memow is still facing a long and challenging recovery, but his story is an inspirational one. From his will to live to the outpouring of love from humans, it makes me happy.