Lucky Shows Off his Sphinx Pose

Today is Monday, and my human tells me that is when many of you go back to that thing called work.  I have mixed feelings about that thing.  As a diabetic cat, my human being away means less ear sticks, so that is good.  But I do miss him when he is away, and the ear sticks to test my blood sugar readings only take a minute.  The rest of the time is enjoyable.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is happy Lucky is feeling playful!Speaking of enjoyable things, my good furiend Lucky is feeling pretty playful.  You can see from this picture that he is feeling much better.  It is amazing what the kind humans at the Homeless Animals Rescue Team and their veterinary partners at Parkway Veterinary Clinic were able to do.  And of course, the star of it all was Lucky himself, who is healing amazingly quickly.

And that amazingly quick healing presented a problem and is why Lucky is still in the spa at Parkway.  Just like you humans, when we felines heal from a wound, the skin contracts.  With the kind of massive wounds that Lucky had, these contractions can cause serious problems.

And that is what happened to poor Lucky about four weeks after his initial injuries.  Lucky is a tough cat otherwise he would not have survived his initial injuries.  But the pain he was suffering from as a result of the contractions in his skin caused him to stop responding to his caretakers, and the veterinarians at Parkway made the decision for immediate surgery to relieve the pain.  If Lucky wasn’t at the spa, he would have suffered longer.

Lucky is now receiving treatments from a cold laser.  He also receives at least two applications of a silver sulfadiazine.ointment each day.  Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend Lucky and His Cute Toes

Unless there are unexpected complications, Lucky won’t need any more surgery.  He will, however, need another two months to finish healing.  His wounds are down to two large abrasions.  If you remember, when Lucky first went to be treated, this represents tremendous progress.

Lucky is another example of how special needs cats, whether they are diabetic cats like me or victims of cruelty like Lucky, have lots of love to give.  If you’re the right human for us, let us into your home and heart!