November 22 Blood Sugar Readings

Will the Human Build Me Something Like This?

Good morning, kind humans. The human tells me that he may be coming back home with a treat for me and Jacey. Apparently many kind humans from a home improvement store showed other humans how to build cat trees. When Jacey and I heard about this, we demanded one so the human says he will make us one.

This will be good because it will be a place for us to relax in and work on our fur tans. That is always good. But we are concerned. The human tells us that if this goes well, he will build more things. That is not always pleasant, because the human makes a lot of noise when that happens!

Will the Human Build Me Something Like This?
Will the Human Build Me Something Like This?insulin

Hopefully he will not make enough noise to affect my blood sugar readings, because this week, they were higher than we like. They averaged 203 for the week, which is not much higher than the 194 we saw last week. The problem, though, is that we like to see my blood sugar readings average under 200.

Another concern for the human was that there were times where I was hypoglycemic. I did not show any signs of distress, and I went and nommed right away. Then my blood sugar spiked, which is also not surprising since I cannot get insulin if my blood sugar levels are too low. But that is still not good!

The human was worried about me, but I reassured him by giving him sandpaper kisses, head bonks, and purred very loudly after I ate my noms. He did not like the sandpaper kisses coming right after I had nommed, because he does not understand why Jacey and I love the smell of cat food.

But he was happy because I was okay and showed him that I was happy. And that is all he wanted to see when he saw those low blood sugar readings.

Well, furiends, I am off to work on my fur tan. Let’s hope I have a new cat tree to do that in soon!

6/15 Blood Sugar Readings

Diabetic Cat

Furiends, it is time for me to give you my weekly blood sugar reading update.  As you know, diabetic cats like me need to make sure our blood sugar levels do not get too high or too low.  The readings help determine the insulin doses I get.

Diabetic CatEach day, I must endure two ear sticks and two injections.  I have gotten so used to them that they do not really bother me anymore, but I still act like I am annoyed so that I can get the human to be nice to me.  It is not fun being a diabetic cat, so it’s necessary for me to take advantage of it when I can!

For the week, my blood sugar levels were a little better than last week.  We had an average of 236, which is down slightly from the 244 we saw last week.  This is below the 300 level where things start to get dangerous, but it is not as low as we would like.  Ideally, we’d like to see a blood sugar reading of below 200.

The high reading for the week came in at 366.  There was also a 322 reading, and those were the only two where it high enough for us to be concerned.  But since we did not see consistent readings above that level, things are okay.

My low reading for the week was much closer to a hypoglycemic condition than we like.  It was 42.  The human did not dose me with any insulin because he was concerned that if he was just a little off, I could get very sick and need to go to the humans in white coats.  It was better to let my blood sugar reading spike to the 322 that it hit than to risk me getting hypoglycemic.

We do not like these fluctuations, but we accept them as part of the battle against feline diabetes.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat’s 4/27 Readings

Hello, everyone.  It is time for me to give you my blood sugar readings for the week ending 4/27.  As you know, it’s very important when treating a diabetic cat like me for humans to keep track of our blood sugar levels.

The insulin doses I receive as a diabetic cat need to be adjusted so that I do not get a blood sugar level that is too high or too low.  If my blood sugar level goes too high, then over time, it can cause many dangerous side effects.  And if my blood sugar levels go too low, it can create a life threatening condition called hypoglycemia.

For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged a little less than last week, coming in with a weekly average of 207.  We are getting really close to having an average blood sugar level below the 200 mark that the human would like to see me hit.  Remember, anything below 300 is okay, but below 200 is even better.

The high blood sugar reading of the week, which was 308, was the only one that was above the level where diabetic cats can suffer side effects if things are not corrected.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Human Felt Like ThisThe low for the week, though, gave my human a scare.  I came in with a hypoglycemic reading, at 33.  Remember, when my blood sugar level is below 40, that is considered hypoglycemic.  It is said that for diabetic cats, high blood sugar levels are dangerous over time, but low blood sugar levels can be dangerous quickly.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Blood Sugar ChartI was already eating my noms when the human saw that reading, so he monitored me very carefully.  I was active and alert, and I didn’t eat my noms too quickly and vomit them up.  Nor did I show a lack of interest in noms.

The human made the decision to not take me to the humans in white coats, but to watch me closely, and to see what my blood sugar level was after a while.  Well, after watching me closely for three hours, he took my blood sugar level.  And I was definitely no longer hypoglycemic, with my blood sugar level at 213.

He gave me a slightly reduced dose, because it is not good for a diabetic cat to go from low blood sugar to high blood sugar.  And he will check things in the morning.

If you have a diabetic cat, and you do not have as much experience with this as my human does, you should talk to the humans in white coats if your feline is hypoglycemic.  The human has gained years of experience in treating me, so he knows what to watch for.  Often, when he talks to the humans in white coats, they ask him what he thinks!

He still listens to the humans in white coats.  They know more about feline health than he does, but he has gained a lot of practical knowledge about diabetic cats.  Even with this knowledge, it is important to listen to the humans in white coats!