Abused Feline Gets Help to Thrive

Furiends, one of the reasons I tell kind humans to keep their felines inside is because of the potential of animal abuse. Just think about what evil humans did to my good furiend Lucky. Lucky got help from Homeless Animals Rescue Team, and now he enjoys his life inside.

A feline in Seattle shares a similar story. She, too, endured abuse from evil humans but will get a chance to thrive. The kind humans there call this feline Courage.

Courage is around seven years old, and she has been through a lot. The kind human who cares for a feral colony said that Courage disappeared for a while, and then returned bleeding from some wounds. Fortunately for Courage, the kind human gave her first aid for her wounds. Then, they contacted Seattle Area Feline Rescue to get her more help.


“She’s very friendly and trusting. She can’t help but purr when you pet her,” said one of the humans at Seattle Area Feline Rescue. Sadly, an evil human betrayed this trust. They took advantage of Courage’s trust to abuse her.

Now, Courage is getting help for her medical conditions. And she has a bunch of them in addition to the obvious ones from her abuse. She needs to gain weight. Then, the white coated humans need to give her a thorough dental and pull some teeth. And because her ears were cut off, she developed ear infections. There also may be some issues with her eyes. And she needs to be spayed.

Courage gets eight different medications a day from her foster human. These will help her recover, and after she does, the white coated humans will spay her.

Despite her abuse, Courage is a fortunate feline. Kind humans helped her right away, and now she will get a chance to thrive thanks to Seattle Area Feline Rescue. Some humans who heard her story already expressed interest in adopting her. Soon, Courage will go to a good home!

Special Needs “Potato” Cat Thriving

Potato With a Normal Sized Cat

One of my favorite special needs cat is Lucky. This feline is a special needs cat like me, and we are both advocates for other special needs felines. Today, I want to tell you the story of a special needs cat Lucky told me about.

Giselle, who has become known as Potato, lived at the MSPCA shelter in Boston. The white coated humans learned she had many medical problems. Almost no part of her body was without problems. Her legs, spine, neck, heart, and lungs do not work as well as those on cats like me and Lucky. In addition to this, Potato’s colon was too large for her body. She needed surgery to reduce the size of it.

On top of this, Potato is blind. So while Lucky and I are grateful to have humans who help us with our special needs, they do not care for felines with as many medical issues as Potato!

Potato With a Normal Sized Cat
Potato With a Normal Sized Cat

Potato endured all of the medical procedures to help with her health problems, and she has recovered nicely. Now, in spite of being blind and much smaller than the other felines in the home, she loves to play with them. One of the things her human enjoys the most is watching Potato run after and chase the other felines in the home. “Watching a huge cat run away from a tiny cat is hilarious,” said her human.

Potato is unusual in one other way. Unlike most of us felines, she loves it when her human gives her belly rubs. If the human does this to me, Jacey, or Koji, he will get a swat or a bite. But Potato thinks this is one of the most fun things in the world!

I am so happy this feline is enjoying her life with a kind human who was willing to take on the challenges caring for her present. And so is Potato!

Cat Burned With Chemicals Recovering

I am sure you know all about Lucky. He is a good furiend of mine who an evil human burned with chemicals. Thanks to a lot of work from Homeless Animals Rescue Team, he was given the chance to thrive.

Sadly, there is now a feline who suffered the same injuries as Lucky. Kenosha Forgotten Friends received a call from Chicago Animal Control about a feline who had suffered horrible chemical burns. The feline, who Kenosha Forgotten Friends has named Phoenix, was going to be euthanized if they could not help.

A white coated human who works closely with Kenosha Forgotten Friends saw pictures of Phoenix. They told the cat rescue group to take her in. The white coated humans give Phoenix medicated baths, pain medicine, and laser treatments and treated the upper respiratory infection she is fighting. Because Phoenix is thin, they are also giving her lots of noms.

Kenosha Forgotten Friends Is Helping Phoenix
Kenosha Forgotten Friends Is Helping Phoenix

After Phoenix defeats all of the medical conditions she is fighting, she will have surgery to help her. Scar tissue developed from the burns, and these can be very painful. So Phoenix will have many surgical procedures to ease the pain.

You might think that a feline suffering from all this would not like humans. But Phoenix loves interacting with the white coated humans and the others caring for her. She is fighting to recover, and the white coated humans expect her to recover completely.

Phoenix, just like Lucky before her, has a long battle to fight. But because Kenosha Forgotten Friends chose to help, she has a chance to win this battle. And the white coated human helping her will make sure she wins that battle.

The evil human who abused Phoenix thought they could break her spirit by torturing her. They failed. Thanks to Kenosha Forgotten Friends, she is getting the care she needs to live a long and happy life.

Furiends, these kind humans will need many green paper things to help pay for the cost of Phoenix’s treatment. If you can help, please give them some. And if you cannot, please share her story so that others can.