Monet Finds A Furever Home

Special Needs Cat Monet When He First Arrived

It is always a happy day for me when I learn of one of my fellow felines finding a furever home.  Do not get me wrong.  A feline in a no kill shelter or a foster home is not in a bad spot.  But every cat should have a home of their own with humans to love them.

I am even happier if the feline who found a furever home is a special needs cat.  That is the news I am happy to share with you today.

Special Needs Cat Monet When He First ArrivedYou will remember that I shared Monet’s story with you.  Monet is a special needs cat because he has a very rare condition called cutaneous mastocytosis.  This disease results in excessive histamines being released, and that causes irritated bumps on the body.

Because he was a special needs cat, Monet went to Tenth Life and was fostered by Lincoln’s human.  He was treated, and most of the bumps on his body went away.  Monet still has to visit the humans in white coats.  And, in something that I as a diabetic cat know all too well, it is likely that medication is going to be required to treat his condition for his entire life.

The extra cost of taking care of my fellow special needs cat made the humans at Tenth Life think that Monet would be a long term foster.  Which was fine, because he is a kind and loving feline.  But recently, a big fan of Lincoln and Tenth Life decided that they would give Monet a furever home! Special Needs Cat Monet Today

This wonderful human was dealing with the loss of another special needs cat, and decided the best way to honor that feline was to adopt another one.  While Lincoln, his human, and Tenth Life are a little sad that Monet will be leaving them, they are very happy where he will have a human who will give him the attention and love that every feline deserves.

Furiends, when it is time to adopt, please consider a special needs cat.  I have a furever home, and now my furiend Monet does.  But way too many of us special needs cats do not.

Monet’s Chemotherapy Session Goes Well

You remember that I told you about my good furiend Lincoln’s brofur Monet, who has a very rare condition called cutaneous mastocytosis.  The condition causes him to get small bumps all over his body.  And while these bumps are not painful — from what my human tells me they are similar to the bumps you would get if a substance you were allergic to was put on your skin — they will, if not treated, affect how long he lives.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat thinks Monet is Very BraveWell, this four month old kitten got a pep talk from Lincoln before heading off to his first chemotherapy treatment.  And the brave kitten headed over to the place with the humans in white coats without fussing, ready for whatever was coming.  As a diabetic cat, I know how much I hate needles and ear sticks.  That is nothing compared to what Monet must endure!

But Monet took his treatment like the tough and brave kitten that he is.  How well behaved was Monet?  Normally, cats receiving chemotherapy must be sedated.  Not Monet.  He took his treatment like a champion, and he sat still enough that sedation was not needed.  What a brave and tough little kitten!

When he got home, as soon as his human let him out of his crate, Monet took off and went for some noms.  Nausea is a common side effect of chemotherapy, but Monet didn’t experience any.  And after eating his noms, he was running around the house, playing with his brofur Winston.

Monet’s next treatment is scheduled for next week.  Let’s hope that he takes to the next one as well as he did his first!

As you can imagine, the costs of Monet’s treatment make those of a diabetic cat look cheap.  So in order to help his brofur, Lincoln is holding an auctioBagheera the Diabetic Cat Wants You to Bid on these Pawtings!n to get some of those green paper things that you humans give each other.  There are some very interesting things that are being auctioned off including two pawtings from Lincoln!

If you don’t want to bid on an auction item but want to help, you can just donate green paper things.

Please share this with others so that more humans can help Monet get the treatment he needs!

Lincoln’s Human Won’t Let Loss Deter Her

You remember the very sad story of how Lincoln’s human was not able to help sweet little Jefferson recover like Lincoln did.  If anyone could help poor Jefferson, it was the human who nursed Lincoln from a completely paralyzed kitten who could only track her finger with his eyes into a fully mobile and playful cat. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend Lincoln

It was not to be, and Jefferson had to leave us just a few days ago.  Tenth Life is hoping to raise money in Jefferson’s memory and if you can help, please do.  If you can’t, please share.

It would have been very understandable if Lincoln’s human decided that she was not going to take on the challenges of another special needs cat right away.  And remember, she takes on cats with challenges that make the ear sticks and insulin shots of a diabetic cat look easy.

But she didn’t take a break at all.  Instead, she wrote on Lincoln’s page “thisBagheera the Diabetic Cat is Sad that Jefferson is gone would only cause a greater disservice to those who need us and in making a positive difference. So we will continue to stand up and help those kitties in need, no matter how short their time may be with us.”

And with that, Lincoln’s human was on to help another special needs cat.  In honor of Jefferson’s memory, Lincoln now has a new furiend, named Monet.  Monet is already making himself at home with Lincoln and his human.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wants you to Meet MonetMonet came to Tenth Life because he has cutaneous mastocytosis.  This is a very rare condition, and the rescue that was helping Monet did not feel they were capable of handling his challenges.  In this condition, mast cells, which are a special type of disease fighting cell that contain chemicals like histamines, accumulate in the skin.

Treatment depends on the symptoms.  So in the next few days, Lincoln’s new furiend will visit the humans wearing white coats and get his treatment.  If it is not too bad, his treatment may not be any worse than what a diabetic cat like me has to deal with.  And hopefully that will be true.

I wrote once before about how Lincoln’s human is a very kind human.  And by helping Monet so soon after losing Jefferson, she shows it.