A Rescued Cat Enjoys 10 Years

A Cat Rescue Saved this Feline

When I first started telling the world about what it is like to be a diabetic cat, one of the first four legged furiends that I made was a sheep. Yes, furiends, a diabetic cat likes a mouflon sheep! Maisie has been there since the very beginning of my time on the internet.

At first, I was a little worried about having a furiend that had such long and skinny legs. I was worried that a sheep might be clumsy. But then I realized, well, a sheep has four legs so it has to be more nimble than a human!

And Maisie and her humans are kind to felines. They actually carried out a cat rescue that saved a feline abandoned by an irresponsible human.

One day, Maisie’s human saw another human move out of a house. They put a chair on the porch, and there was a tiny feline on the chair. Maisie’s human did not like this, but they figured that the other human would return soon to take care of the tiny kitten. It was only right, after all, to care for the tiny feline.

But this human was irresponsible and did not do this. So the poor feline was left all alone, and Maisie’s human could not tolerate this. They went and got the tiny feline and gave it the love and attention that all felines deserve.

A Cat Rescue Saved this Feline
Maisie the Mouflon Sheep’s Human Saved This Cat

That cat rescue took place almost ten years ago, or longer than Jacey, who is going to be eight this year, has been alive! The rescued feline has been named Miss Marbles, and she is a treasured member of the family.

Miss Marbles is a very sweet cat, who enjoys catnip, feather toys, and sleeping in a room that Maisie called a mudroom. I do not know what that means, because I am a city cat, but if Miss Marbles enjoys it, then it must be good.

I am glad that Maisie’s human carried out this cat rescue, although I am kind of sad that I am not Maisie’s only feline furiend!