Tenth Life Saves Special Needs Cat Feller

Furiends, you know that I am good furiends with Lincoln, who is a Tenth Life Cats alumnus.  While Linky’s recovery was a miraculous one, he is not the only special needs cat that Tenth Life Cats has helped.

The latest special needs cat that came into their care is a feline named Feller.  This poor guy was bad shape.  The humans in white coats said that Feller had a shattered jaw, a nasty infection, and was in shock due to the injuries he had suffered.  They said that Feller’s life may have been cut short due to these injuries.

Tenth Life is Helping Special Needs Cat Feller RecoverFeller received emergency treatment, and his condition was stabilized.  However, repairs to his jaw were unsuccessful.  Because one of Tenth Life’s amazing foster humans stepped forward, they were able to take in Feller.

Tenth Life rushed Feller to humans in white coats who specialize in the surgery he needed.  This special needs cat had his jaw repaired and the pain he was in was decreased significantly.  A wire was placed in his jaw, and in case eating noms causing him too much pain, a feeding tube was inserted.

Feller’s foster human was not the only human who stepped forward to help this special needs cat.  Many humans grouped together to pay for his care.  In addition, the additional care Feller needs in order to fully recover will be taken care of as well.

According to Feller’s foster human, it was difficult to feed him through the feeding tube initially.  It’s not surprising that it took some adaptation to handling this special needs cat.  But now, just like with me and my insulin shots, his human has learned how to do it.

Tenth Life is Caring for Special Needs Cat FellerFeller is a very gentle and sweet feline who “curls up in my lap and just rests,” said his foster human.  Recently, he “enjoyed ear rubs, snuggling, and watching the birds out the window.”

Now, you might think that a human who takes on a special needs cat with challenges far more difficult than mine is a human who should be commended.  But she thinks she is the lucky one.  She said that she is “incredibly honored…to be able to care for him.”

Cat Survives Being Trapped For Three Days

A drainage pipe is no place for a feline like me to be trapped.  It is especially bad if that pipe is wet and the temperature outside is cold!  But Piper is the subject of a very happy cat rescue story after enduring being trapped in this situation for three days!

According to the local humane society, going into a drainage pipe is unusual for felines to begin with.   For Piper to have gone as far into the pipe as he did, something must have scared him and he ran into the pipe to avoid whatever scared him.

Piper's Happy Cat Rescue Story Started In a Drainage PipePiper’s plight was discovered when a human heard him crying.  At first, the humans responsible for this cat rescue tried putting treats near the pipe.  Then they drained the water from the pipe, and put some cardboard down so that poor Piper would have a place to stay relatively dry.

They tried talking to Piper as well, and even used a cellphone app that made a meowing sound.  Piper did not budge, however, and more drastic measures were needed.

Eventually, the humans decided to cut into the pipe to free the trapped cat.  Piper finally was freed, and he was scooped up with a net immediately so he could not escape.

Piper was wet, lethargic, and cold when he was rescued.  When he went to the humans in white coats, they discovered that he had been neutered and declawed.  I do not condone declawing, but these things meant that Piper had lived with a human before.

Based on his condition, the humans in white coats said Piper had clearly been living on his own outside for a while.  And he had scratches under his chin, which meant that he had been in a scuffle with other animals.  Piper was also dealing with a fractured hind leg.

Piper's Happy that his is a good cat rescue storyDespite all this, the humans in white coats who treated Piper after his dramatic cat rescue said he is a happy cat.

And Piper will not have to endure being homeless outside ever again.  The local humane society that coordinated this cat rescue said that too many people to count have offered to adopt him.

Two Cats Recover After Surviving Explosion

An explosion at a home is a very dangerous situation for both four legged and two legged inhabitants.  Sadly, this is what happened in Cape May County, New Jersey.  A house explosion occurred on November 7, and the humans were critically injured.  They are still in rehabilitation.

It is good news that the humans survived.  And they got some news that made them feel better when they found out that their feline companions were survivor cats and had made it through the explosion as well.

Dusty is one tough survivor cat, surviving a house explosionThe first survivor cat, Dusty,  was found in the rubble of the house.  She was suffering from burns to her head and feet.  To help her recover, she was taken to the humans in white coats at Ocean View Veterinary Hospital, where she is being cared for now.  And this survivor cat is a sweet cat, too.

This survivor cat was sitting still and not fussing with the humans in white coats when she got a saline bath, which she must endure daily.  That is why they said about Dusty, “she really is a great cat…she’s really made taking care of her very, very easy.”

Daisy, the other feline in the house, was seen wandering through the neighborhood.  Kind humans started putting food out for the girl, and she was captured by animal control after almost a month out in the cold.  This survivor cat did not suffer injuries that were as serious as those that her companion Dusty did.  Her whiskers were singed and that was the extent of her injuries. Daisy is a two time survivor cat, surviving both an explosion and the elements

“She’s doing great,” said one of the humans in white coats about Daisy.  “She didn’t get it as bad as Dusty did” and she’s “very talkative.”

And in what is a very kind gesture, the humans in white coats are not asking for green paper things from the humans whose house exploded.  We “would never charge them for anything…whatever they need, as long as they need to stay with us, they’ll stay.”

This gesture is very much appreciated.  Daisy’s and Dusty’s humans “call every day” and “text every day.  They want to know how the kitties are doing.”

It is a very sad situation that these humans and felines found themselves in.  But they all survived and they will be very happy to reunite with each other eventually.