September 30 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. I told you last week that the human and I are not happy with where my blood sugar readings have gone. They were not to  point where I will develop complications long term. But they were higher than we like.

Hopefully, this week will be the beginning of a good trend. My blood sugar readings averaged 161 this week. That is lower than the 199 we saw the week before, and it is at a level where the human and I are not concerned. We did have one high reading, and one reading that was very close to the point where the human does not give me insulin. Even with that, the average is good.

Furiends, I am glad that my blood sugar readings seem to be getting back to where we want them. Hopefully this continues.

Now I will share something fun with you. I am sure you’ve heard of animatronic cats. For humans who are suffering from dementia and other mental disorders, these toys may be the closest to having a real feline they can get.

Therapy Cat Baxter with a Robot Cat
Therapy Cat Baxter with a Robot Cat

My good furiend Baxter, who is a therapy cat, visited a senior home recently. He was interacting with a 98 year old human who loves felines, but who cannot have any in the senior home. But this human wanted some feline interaction when Baxter is not around. So they bought an animatronic feline!

Baxter and the animatronic feline started talking to each other. And this made both his human and the resident of the senior home very happy. They started laughing, and they were very entertained.

Baxter is a kind feline, so he did not swat the animatronic feline. Jacey and I would not have swatted it, either. But Koji may have tried to play with it, and then could have broken it because he plays too roughly.

Human Explains Why She Started Therapy Cat Program

The Founder of Fur Love Comfort Cats with Two of Her Felines

Some of the felines I admire the most are therapy cats. These felines allow themselves to be held by humans they do not know, and they do not retaliate by biting or scratching. Furiends, this is why I would be a horrible therapy cat. I do not mind humans, and even enjoy it when they pet me. But if they pick me up, I do not like it. I will tolerate it from my human, but from a stranger? It will make me angry!

But there are some felines who are very good therapy cats. And for felines like them, a kind human founded Fur Love Comfort Cats. This human explained why she started the organization recently.

The Founder of Fur Love Comfort Cats with Two of Her Felines
The Founder of Fur Love Comfort Cats with Two of Her Felines

She was only two months old when a feline saved her by fighting off a rat who was starting to attack her. Remember, we felines are very good at killing rodents. And that is exactly what this human needed. Since then, this human made sure there has been a feline in her life. And 13 felines have become therapy cats for Fur Love Comfort Cats.

It’s always such a wonderful time to visit a place for 5 to 6 hours, letting people pet and interact with the cats, and brightening up someone’s day,” said this human. She takes her comfort cats to nursing homes, libraries, schools, and even individual homes. These felines help make the humans they visit feel better.

Fur Love Comfort Cats is looking to expand the list of places where their felines go to include prisons. The founder of the organization feels that having a feline to interact with for a few hours would help many prisoners.

I do not know if that will happen, furiends, but if it does, then Fur Love Comfort Cats will be making even more humans feel better. And that, furiends, is something that makes me feel good — felines helping humans!

Dexter Needs Our Healing Thoughts

Dexter The Therapy Cat In His Yard

Furiends, one of the felines I have shared with you is Dexter the Therapy Cat. Therapy cats like Dexter have to do things that most cats cannot. They have to let humans they do not know handle them, pet them, and hold them. And they cannot swat these humans or bite them to tell them to stop. This is something that Jacey, Koji, and I would not be able to do.

But when therapy cats like Dexter work with humans, it is wonderful. They help humans who are not feeling well feel better. And they help small humans learn to read. That is why felines like Dexter are good ambassadors for our species.

Recently, Dexter needed some therapy of his own. He had to go to the humans in white coats because he was not feeling well. When he went there, they removed many of his teeth, did an biopsy on some growths they found, and did some other tests. Dexter’s humans were worried that he might have cancer.

Fortunately for Dexter, the biopsy on the growth revealed it was not cancer. It was just an inflammation from maybe the teeth that needed to be removed, or something similar. He will have a recheck to see how he is healing and hopefully the humans in white coats will be able to address whatever caused the growth.

Dexter The Therapy Cat In His Yard
Dexter The Therapy Cat In His Yard

His recovery is going well. He is at home, recovering nicely, and his humans even took him for a walk in his harness for a while. He likes to do this and he enjoys exploring and wandering around the yard.

The one thing that Dexter is not happy about is that he cannot have any dry noms right now. You see, because his mouth needs to recover, he needs to have wet noms only. He mostly eats wet noms but he still wants his crunchies. I know how Dexter feels! I still miss the dry noms even though I like eating the wet noms.

But the best thing is that this therapy cat will soon be ready to resume meeting with humans that can use the happiness felines can bring. And that makes me glad for Dexter!